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The Liquidzz Group is one of the biggest clients for Tesark Technologies. We created a Multipurpose ERP tool according to their specifications and also an Android App to cater to their Digital needs. The Overall Liquidzz experience has been a great one for us as well as them.

Liquidzz is a modern and eccentric Juice Cafe Based out of Erode and Coimbatore and will be coming soon to Chennai as well. A Client as big as this needs nothing less in their products and this is what we have been doing for them.


Sample Heading

Our Warehouse Management Module is an efficient method of running businesses. The Warehouse Management is an efficient way of keeping tabs on the Inventory of the Stores.

Store Management

The Liquidzz team requested us to create a Module for Store Management of their various stores. The Store Management system allows the Admin to access Backend Data on all their Stores with maximum features and efficiency.

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